12 Epic Photos Depicting What Guys Really Want In A Relationship 


Boyfriend logics are beyond the understanding of girls. The expectations of guys in relationships are quite different as compared to girls. While girls expect love, care and emotions in the relationship, guys seem to be more interested in sex and intimacy.
Let’s check out such 12 epic photos that perfectly depict what guys really want in a relationship.Recommended story: 8 things about men that someone with boobs will never understand

1) This is what guys really want in a relationship.

2) Who cares after the first month of relationship!

3) All they think about is sex.

4) Sometimes, it even leads to outrage in the couple.

5) Guys always have a point to prove they’re right, don’t they?

6) And they can’t take NO for an answer.

7) This is why guys and girls can never be the same.

8) This epic photo depicts the jargons used by men perfectly.

9) Boyfriend logics are insane, damn insane!

10) Men will be men.

11) This is how guys keep themselves busy.

12) And their demands are too much.