9 Epic Pictures Depicting The Reality Of Life After Marriage. #5 Is Terribly True


Saying ‘I Love You’ after marriage is a lot different than when you’re single.

The way you express love before marriage is quite different than before.

When you watched movies when you were single, you cuddled the whole time, now you fall asleep cuddlig.

Before marriage you used to primp in your own place and keep it secret, now you do it all in front of each other.

Gifts were so romantic before marriage, now it’s all about family.

Doing chores is as big a turn on as when you would take your shirt off.

Before marriage, she wanted you to cuddle her all night, now you are lucky to have any part of the bed.

Dates were a lot more interesting before marriage.

She acted as if she didn’t eat, but now you know the truth.