Carli from Harvard just enrolled at Chive U (21 Photos)


21. Carli from Harvard just enrolled at Chive U (21 Photos)

1 Are you or someone you know the perfect coed for Chive U? Send us your info to Chive University HERE and if you get selected you’ll be the proud owner of a gift card eligible for anything over at theChivery. Congrats to Cali for this week’s feature, check your DM’s for your gift card. Also don’t forget about Chive TV’s ‘Cut the Cord’ program where we will be paying college students for getting their local college bars to play Chive TV. Most importantly, this job could lead to a permanent position with CHIVE TV at the famous theCHIVE HQ in Austin, TX. This is your chance to be in on the ground floor of something amazing and if it’s not for you be sure to pass this opportunity on to a friend you think might be interested! 2345 Advertisement Advertisement 678910 Advertisement Advertisement 1112131415 Advertisement Advertisement 1617181920 Advertisement Advertisement 21 Category: Bikinis, Hotness, Legs

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