Dwyane Wade


5. Dwyane Wade

 Wade’s Marquette heroics.

As Villanova created history by winning the NCAA title, we cannot help but admire the star-struck future these players are going to have. Winning the NCAA title is certainly historic as not many people can boast it. With next leap in their careers surely being the NBA, today we’d like to look back at current NBA superstars and how did they perform in their college.  

4. Anthony Davis

So, we at WittyFeed would like to bring you five historic NCAA performances by active NBA stars. 

NCAA winning run.

3. Stephen Curry

Widely regarded as ‘The Flash’, Dwayne Wade is a sure shot a future Hall of Famer. Dwayne Wade was one of the best guards of his generation, and he formed a formidable bond with LeBron and Chris Bosh at Miami, winning 2 rings with him.

Curry’s run in 2008.

2. Kemba Walker

Dwayne Wade has always been known for his heart, desire, and passion. Before he was in heat, those traits were evident during Marquette’s run in 2003. Wade averaged 21 points in the entire series and the cherry on top was when he had a triple-double against a top seed Kentucky with 29 points, 11 assists, and 11 rebounds.  

Played almost every minute.

1. Carmelo Anthony

Anthony Davis on his day is a bona fide candidate for the second position in the league only after LeBron James. On any day, Davis is among the top 5 NBA players and considering he’s only 25, it’s scary how good he can be.  

Melo’s Syracuse heroics.