If A Woman Does These 10 Things She Will Never Be Forgotten


Are you tired of being really nice to him and feeling like you’re the only one who cares? Here are some tips that will definitely flip things around.

We’re not suggesting you fight over everything, obviously! But saying yes to everything isn’t the best way to his heart.
If you have a life, if you’re not always available, if you don’t agree to absolutely everything, it will turn him on. It means that you choose to be with him, and that’s hot. Recent studies have proved that most men are attracted to this kind of woman.

You shouldn’t provide for everything. Some girls give all they have to their men. That’s not a good idea. You can pay for some stuff, and occasionally share, but don’t EVER give him access to everything you have.

If we take it literally, get into the shower with him. But there are so many more things you can do! Get creative, be playful, ask him what he likes and tell him what you like. Role play your fantasies. That will definitely turn him on and leave him wanting more and more.

After dining out, or the movies, tell him you want to go to a hotel with him. He’ll go crazy! And in that case, you can pay for it if you want to. He’ll feel wanted and sexy and he’ll never forget about it!

It’s not necessary to argue about everything. If it’s not too important, let it go. And let him know if he was right, because men love to be protective and to be considered knowledgeable by their women. It’s a macho thing…

The truth pays off, always. If you don’t agree with him, there’s no need to argue, but you should let him know what you feel. Communication is the key to a successful relationship.

Please eat whatever you like! It’s a real turn off when you only eat lettuce… There’s nothing sexier than enjoying a good meal together, I know what I’m saying. You can also play with your food…

Don’t cling to your phone like it’s a matter of life and death! If you’re with the person you love, all the rest can wait. Not everyone needs to know what you’re doing all the time. Show him you’re interested in being with him.

It’s a good thing to share what you like: a movie, a book, camping… You do lots of things he likes, he will enjoy doing things that you like too.

Stop worrying about everything and have some fun! That’s the reason you’re in a relationship, don’t forget! Quit the drama, relax and enjoy. I promise you’ll both be happy!