R&B Singer August Alsina Announced That He Has A “Disease” And Is Asking For Your Prayers


R&B singer August Alsina shocked his fans with recent news that he’s contracted a ‘disease’, and is now asking that everyone pray for his health.

While he doesn’t say what he has, it seems as if he’s manifested the disease within himself. At least that’s what he wrote in a lengthy Instagram post…

Many people believe he’s gotten an STD from one of the women he’s had sex with. The R&B singer is known for being a ladies man, and definitely has had his share of wild nights while on tour.

He’s even admitted to having sex with some women without getting their names, which means he might have slipped up and not even used protection.

He says he’s only had one girlfriend in his life, and the “The rest were just side pieces. It gets exhausting, but nah, not tiring because I’m here for them to love me. I want them to love me.”

The 24-year-old has needed prayers and support form his fans before, because in May 2015 when he underwent laser treatment for an unspecified eye disease causing him blindness in his left eye.

“Idk you did get skinny not tryna be rude if you got aids or depression you should take the time out to be around the people who love u the most in take a break from the media hope you get well soon keep your head up,” one fan posted on his Instagram.

“ou may or may not read this but I’m praying for you Fight through It !! Don’t let the the enemy get to you block all negative only focus on the positive like you said Love yourself… and learn to love this thing called life.” so it will get better prayers going up for you you done made it to far now keep on shining” another fan wrote.

Only time will tell if he lets the world know what he’s been battling, but in the mean time our thoughts are with the young singer!