This Designer Thigh Gap Jewelry Is Trending Among Girls, And It’s Super Sexy!


Women nowadays are becoming body aspirants regarding their thigh gap or thigh distance. Relatively, a creative designer has designed ornaments to make them hang them up between the two concave thighs. The trend is supported by women to have quite stick-thin legs and so to create awareness about this agitating trend, the designer takes the step.Know what was the actual concept behind creating this kind of jewellery pieces. And this thigh gap is announced as one of the ultimate body goals by many dieters.Image source:


Soo Kyung Bae, a designer for thigh gap jewellery.

Purpose of designing such accessories.

Jeweller retailed $175 and $ 195.

Varied versions of the pieces and tassels available

Actual story behind TGAP jewellery.

Customer discovered that the website was fake.

Soo Kyung Bae explained about the trick.

Bae further explained…