This Is Exactly How You Can Hack Your Girl’s Pleasure Drive And It Is A Guarantee


Why does a female feel so good after climaxing and what possibly gives her that pleasure? There are a million questions when it comes to hitting the right spot and to give your girl the right thing at the right time. It is like an art trying to figure out when to drop the hammer on a hot metal.¬†Want it, need it and have it! It is a motive. And we know you love to hear it too. This could be considered a life hack for your bedroom needs. Your girl does so much for you. Maybe it’s time to return the favour? Show your girl how much she means to you in the best possible way!¬†Here are the hacks you need to try on your girl to make her moan for life. Let me tell you, she might ask you for more after this and you might even enjoy it.

#1 Fantasize as much as possible.

#2 Talk dirty to her, out loud.

#3 Move your body in a way that feels good to you.

#4 Touch yourself other than your lady parts for a blended climax.

#5 Get out of your head and focus on what your body wants right now.

#6 Do Kegels.