Tips for Making Love To Her While She's Menstruating


Many people believe menstrual blood is dirty and impure, and might harm the penis if it’s inserted for penetration. Well menstrual blood is actually a mixture of blood and discarded tissue that lines the uterus each month. Believe it or not, period blood is a great lubrication and will not harm the man in any way.

During the menstrual cycle, many women feel a higher sex drive than they do any other time. Doctors believe it’s because the woman’s estrogen is at an all-time low at the beginning of her period. Her testosterone levels rise as well as the estrogen over the week, helping her to be turned on extremely easily.

The increased blood flow and and lubrication in the genitals is another factor, which can translate into arousal. The woman feels much more sexually liberated knowing there is a smaller risk of her becoming pregnant, allowing her to let all inhibitions go.

The man’s sperm has the ability to survive in the woman’s body for a few days, which means the woman can still become pregnant on her period due to an early ovulation. Bottom line there’s still a chance she can become pregnant, so if you’re at all worried try and use condoms.

Sex while menstruating can relieve your cramps, which means an orgasm may release pain-reducing endorphins into the bloodstream. Cramp causing chemicals are also reduced during sex, which means she’ll feel twice as good after having a hookup.

Your period could end a few days early if sex is performed in the first few days, and it’s all because of the extra contractions your uterus has while orgasming. The blood leaves your body at a much faster pace due to the contractions, which assists in ending your period at a earlier date.

Surprisingly, more than 75 percent of the men who were surveyed said they have zero problems having sex with their partner while she’s on her period. However they don’t want it to just be a hookup, because 54 percent of them said they would only do it with a wife or longterm girlfriend.